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Community Empowerment

What is the value of local news in Scotland’s communities: Key insights from indie news publishers

Empowering Communities Through Local News Local news plays a crucial role in Scotland’s communities, fostering ...

By Devon McCole, The Scottish Beacon

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Sustaining Serious Journalism: Do we need a Scottish Public Journalism Institute

In an era marked by rapid digitalisation and evolving media landscapes, the essence of serious journalism stands at a crossroads. Delve into the insights gained from a recent panel discussion, where leading voices from diverse backgrounds got together to discuss the needs of and challenges facing the fourth estate in the modern age.

By Devon McCole, The Scottish Beacon

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MSP Richard Leonard discusses media ownership and democracy during ‘No news is Bad News’ event

During one of the panels at the Scottish Beacon’s Indie News Week event MSP Richard ...

By Devon McCole, The Scottish Beacon

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Some of Scotland's community spaces

The Scottish Beacon collaborative: What’s happening to Scotland’s community spaces?

“The guy who started it all off had seen the state of the Millburn Church ...

By By Devon McCole, The Scottish Beacon.

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Where the Heavens Meet the Stars: A Visionary Project for Doon Valley’s Future

Over the past few years it feels like the Doon Valley has seen the sad ...

By Doon Valley Gazette

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The Glenkens Community Centre building. Courtesy of the Glenkens Gazette.

From Schoolhouse to Community Hub: The Glenkens Community Centre’s Remarkable Journey

Built as a school in the late 19th Century, the building which is now the ...

By Becca Nelson, Glenkens Gazette

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The Friends of St Ninian’s: preserving Deerness’ local heritage

Reusing church buildings for the wider community supports their preservation and provides a space where ...

By Fiona Grahame, Orkney News

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Village church saved by its community

Nestled along the historic route connecting Balloch and Stirling, an 1800s church sits on the ...

By Harvey Smart, The Clydesider

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Citizens Agenda call out from The Scottish Beacon

What issues should candidates be addressing during the general election campaign?

At the Scottish Beacon, we believe in doing journalism differently, and we believe that the ...

By The Scottish Beacon

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The Kenmure St protests | Photo by Simon Murpy

‘These are our Neighbours’: Three years on from Kenmure Street, what’s changed?

It’s now three years since the people of Glasgow came together in unity to challenge ...

By Pinar Aksu and Tabassum Niamat

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School mothballing halted: reflecting on victory of local campaigners

Campaigners had regarded the imposition of mothballing as ‘closure by stealth’. Now Glenkens councillors Dougie ...

By Sarah Ade, Glenkens Gazette

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Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Book news you need to know – from the rise of queer African literature to the PEN America controversy

Stay Ahead In The World Of Literature And Publishing With Insights From Our Literature Editor. ...

By Laura Rodríguez-Davis, Migrant Women Press

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