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At The Scottish Beacon, we’re interested in co-creating journalism with inputs from our readers and members right around Scotland. We want to hear from you.

We’ll be sharing call outs including questions, polls and surveys on this page.

Your answers will feed into our editorial strategy and content.

Our current polls and surveys

Tell us what you’d like to see in the Scottish Beacon

We’re interested in hearing your thoughts on the Scottish media, and how we can do better. Tell us what you think so far and what topics do you want to see us collectively dig into.

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What are your experiences of your community council?

Community councils are the most local level of democracy, but just how much power do they have? Share your experiences and reflections here.

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How does your community stay well?

As part of Mind the Health Gap, a year-long project reporting on solutions to health inequalities across Scotland, we’re interested to hear about innovative, community-led solutions.

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