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Argyll and Bute: Minister of Defence historic buildings are still empty, despite the housing emergency

Publication: The Lochside Press

Vacant historic buildings are deteriorating while there is an ongoing housing crisis.

Lodge Shandon |Photo by The Lochside Press | Licensed for use on Scottish Beacon |All rights reserved

Historic houses owned by the Ministry of Defence are still standing empty – despite a ‘housing emergency’ being declared in Argyll and Bute.

The MoD claims two B-listed buildings in Shandon are being ‘appropriately maintained’ – despite a large section of the roof collapsing in one of them.

Councils have a legal duty to ensure that listed buildings are maintained. Still, Argyll and Bute say the MoD has an exemption from the Building Scotland Act 2003, so enforcement cannot be carried out – though it is questionable whether the actual wording (below) applies to empty buildings that are not being used.

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