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No News Is Bad News: Help Indie News Thrive

Throughout the month of June, we're taking part in the 'No News is Bad News' campaign, raising money to strenghten the independent news sector in Scotland's communities.

No news is good news… 

Or is it? Without news, how would you know about the issues affecting your community? How would you know what your local authorities were planning or whether they were acting legally? How would you know if your local environment was being impacted and by whom? And how would you know about the positive changes in your area, the success stories?

As long as you have a local independent news source in your area, your community can stay informed – but sadly, far too many news providers aren’t able to cover their costs, and have to shut down. Please support independent news today and keep Scotland’s communities in the know.

No news is bad news.

About The Scottish Beacon

The Scottish Beacon is a collaborative network of independent local and hyperlocal newsrooms serving urban and rural communities. Together we’re working to strengthen the voice of the community-based media sector and bring to light real stories from Scotland’s communities.

We are the first project of its kind bringing together independent publications from all around Scotland. Through the Scottish Beacon we want to reveal under-reported stories that connect and strengthen local communities while bringing visibility to the vital work of community-based, independent local journalism.

We’re a new collaborative and any donation you will make will make all the difference. What’s more, any contribution you make in June will be doubled by the Indie News Fund!

Why you should support independent media

Independent community-based journalism helps people to understand issues in society, and make informed decisions. It can empower citizens to create meaningful solutions, create dialogue and foster fundamental changes. In short, it plays an essential role in local democracy.

The old business model, based on advertising and newspaper sales, is no longer viable for many organisations. Most local papers are owned by media huge media conglomerates, who cut staff and consolidate newsrooms to meet demands of distant shareholders. As a result, voices are going unheard, and issues are going under-reported.

Yet despite this, dedicated individuals all around the country are working with limited resources to serve their communities information needs.

You can help local and hyperlocal independent news to bring real stories from across Scotland by supporting The Scottish Beacon. Your support will help to repair Scotland’s independent media ecosystem. This is needed more than ever. 

Donate by clicking here before the end of June for your contribution to be doubled!