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climate change

Colin Beattie, MSP: “An efficient public transport system is essential”

An efficient public transport system is essential in unlocking Scotland’s economic potential and in our ...

By Colin Beattie MSP, Midlothian View

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Long grass is better for butterflies

The study, by the wildlife charity Butterfly Conservation (BC), provides the first scientific evidence that ...

By George Mair, Edinburgh Reporter

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Clarity on wood burning stoves urgently needed

In her letter, Rhoda Grant has called for the Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings, Patrick ...

By The Orkney News

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The Bay of Skaill Orkney, Photo by OrkneyNewsLtd

Climate Change in Orkney: Power of – and from – the Sea

The islands of Orkney are home to some of the finest archaeological sites in the ...

By Fiona Grahame, Orkney News

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A view of Orkney

Visitor levy passes Stage 1 in Scottish Parliament but cruise ships not included

A bill which would give Scotland’s local authorities powers to charge a visitor level, or ...

By Fiona Grahame, The Orkney News

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