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Bus campaign rumbles on in Edinburgh

Publication: Broughton Spurtle

A lothian Buses double decker
Photo by GreenAvGeek

Residents opposing what they say is Lothian Buses’ excessive use of certain residential streets in Broughton and the New Town, are continuing their campaign.

A WhatsApp group has now been established for affected areas. A combined residents association is also imminent, with one of its first tasks being to organise a petition to the Council’s Transport and Environment Committee. They will demand an immediate and sustained reduction in the number of buses and other heavy vehicles using rat-runs, especially between 7pm and 7am.

Campaigners also seek urgent repairs to the road infrastructure damaged by continuous heavy traffic, and a longer-term plan to deal with traffic management issues, not least around the St Mary’s RC Primary School.

Speed monitoring has been underway on East London Street, along with coordinated use of three traffic-light sets to disrupt bus timetables. Monitoring of nitrous oxide levels is planned for the near future, as are counts of how many not-in-service Lothian Bus vehicles use these route.

A group spokesperson told Spurtle:

“Despite ongoing efforts by local residents, councillors, New Town & Broughton Community Council, and MPs and MSPs, Lothian Buses’ lack of action is very frustrating. To our minds, it’s also unreasonable, particularly now that the trams project is nearing completion.”