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Postal services unfit for purpose on the Rosneath Peninsula

Publication: The Lochside Press

Map of post offices in Rosneath Peninsula.
Map of post offices in Rosneath Peninsula. Image by Lochside Press | Licensed for use on Scottish Beacon | All rights reserved

Use the post office on the far side of the Clyde, residents told.

People on the Rosneath Peninsula who miss the new morning post collection have been told there is a later alternative – on the far side of the Clyde.

The advice – which would involve crossing 1.7 miles of open water or making a 100-mile round trip by road – has been attacked as ‘ludicrous’ by an MSP.

The latest development in changes saw the latest collection times brought forward by up to six hours ‘to improve efficiency’.

The exact times vary, but in Kilcreggan, a change from 3 pm to 9 am on weekdays and from 10.15 am to 7 am on Saturdays is typical.

Royal Mail said many postboxes ‘no longer cover their costs because of “a significant decline in letter volumes”, so postal staff would empty them on their morning rounds.

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