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Edinburgh community councils review

Publication: Broughton Spurtle

Edinburgh winter sunset view | Photo by Broughton Spurtle | Licensed for use on Scottish Beacon | All rights reserved

Phase 1 of Edinburgh Council’s review of 46 community councils’ governance arrangements and boundaries began last month and consultation will continue until 18 December.

This is the first statutory review since 2019, and its eventual recommendations will aim to reflect population and development changes across the capital and identify ways in which community councils could be more representative and better run. Increased budgets would help but aren’t on offer.

There is little clarity at present about how large community council areas should be, either in terms of geographical spread or number of constituents.

We hear some politicians and officials favour new boundaries matching those of Council wards, but for the New Town & Broughton CC such a change would divide varied communities living close to each other with shared interests. There can also be advantages in having, for example, access to both the NTBCC and the councillors of three city wards when trying to exert influence.

To have your say, complete the online consultation [] and/or attend one of the virtual/in-person ‘drop-ins’ listed here [].