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Edinburgh: First menopause cafe event launched in Currie

Publication: C&B News

A new cafe in southwest Edinburgh provides a space for women to share, learn and support each other.

Emma Hokayem and Steph Price outside The Corner Cafe, Currie | Photo by C&B News | Licensed for use on Scottish Beacon | All rights reserved

On Friday, 8 September, more than 45 women met in The Corner Cafe, Currie, to participate in southwest Edinburgh’s first Menopause Cafe. 

Menopause is an inevitable phase of a woman’s life, yet often comes shrouded in silence, discomfort, and uncertainty. For many, discussing this natural transition can be challenging and isolating. The Menopause Cafe aims to be a place for women to share, learn, and create a supportive haven for each other.

The cafe was born from the shared passion and experience of Emma Hokayem from EH Fitness & Steph Price from Managing your Menopause, both women who own businesses focused on women’s health.

“We want the Menopause Café to be a safe, inclusive space for women to connect, share experiences, and seek support around this often taboo subject matter,” said Emma Hokayem. “As coaches, myself and Steph often work with women who are struggling physically and mentally with the effects of menopause. 

“By helping women through this stage in life, we can improve their way of living and overall quality of life for the rest of it. This unique event was designed to break the silence and foster a community of understanding and empathy; based on the success of Friday, there will be more!”

The Menopause Cafe is not just an event; it’s a movement that aims to rewrite the stigma surrounding menopause. By creating spaces like this, we can empower women to embrace this natural stage of life with confidence and knowledge.

To hear about more events like this, follow through their social media at @eh_fitness_edinburgh and @managingyourmenopause